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Feel free to contact me via any of the following:

pwk (at-sign) philknerr (point) com

Phone (both voice and SMS):
+1 (605) 640-6382

Mailing address:
Philip W. Knerr
519 West 22nd Street, #100-94382
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
United States of America

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The fastest ways to reach me are usually email and SMS.

Many of the digits above are not random:

  • “640” relates to the history of computing. In the 1980’s, MS-DOS could only directly access 640K of RAM (memory) due to technical limitations of the microprocessors of that era. If you had more memory, it could only be accessed using various tricks. Nowadays, many people are nostalgic for the 1980’s…including some people not old enough to remember that decade!
  • “382” relates to Elliott Wave theory. Among other things, this theory specifies that an advance is followed by a correction which partially reverses the advance. Most commonly, the correction retraces 61.8% of the advance. (This is the reciprocal of the Golden Ratio in mathematics.) My own interpretation is that what remains after the correction is what passed the test of time. Most commonly, this remainder is 38.2% of the advance. I am all about things that can pass the test of time.