Software development

Why choose Philip Knerr for your software development needs?

I have extensive experience in developing web-based applications.  I’ve worked with everything from a massive SaaS application with approximately 500,000 lines of code to websites for small businesses.

As a full-stack developer, I can move between back end development and front end development with ease.

I build websites accessible from mobile devices as well as those accessible from traditional browsers. I even build responsive websites which work well on both!

Nor am I even limited to web-based solutions. I also develop chatbots and voice-based and SMS-based applications using Dialogflow and Twilio.

I’ve kept up with modern development methodologies, such as using modern frameworks and moving more of the action to front end JavaScript. Notably, I’m proficient in the Laravel framework for PHP.

But when needed, I’m quite comfortable working with legacy systems. (There’s often no business case for upgrading a system just because it’s not based on the newest and coolest tech stack.) Learn more about my legacy development expertise.

I’m enthusiastic about open source software and free software. At the same time, I’m open-minded about using proprietary software when it is the best fit for the organization’s needs.

I have extensive experience in building e-commerce solutions, including integrating payment capabilities with websites.

Not only do I write software, but I can also communicate about it.  Often, I’ve communicated directly with client representatives to determine their needs and clarify business rules.  Moreover, I view documentation as an important part of the development process.  It’s part of being a team player, because other people need to understand the system too.

I have a track record of working remotely while maintaining efficiency and of communicating effectively with remote team members.  At the same time, I’m open to working on site in, and willing to travel to, many areas.

I’m authorized to work for any employer or client in the United States of America. On-site work in many foreign countries will be considered if work authorization can be arranged.

To learn more about the specific skills I can contribute to your organization, please view my detailed skill set.

To see hard evidence of what I can do, feel free to explore my professional portfolio.

A traditional résumé for Phil Knerr is available upon request.

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